nearby civilizations

Well, there are apparently elves in the woods around the area…

Yes…. erm… far to the south, about three days ride, is the Forest of Ulwin Gap, where live the good-natured Galonadel elves.

To the north is the Farrug Wastes, where a clutch of green dragons fought viciously with Kaorazanatus, the Patrician Blue. Their conflict despoiled the once beautiful grasslands past the limit of natural endurance before the great blue was victorious. On the other side of the wastes is the oft maligned citadel of Eknarlinem.

To the east and north are the human territories, in most cases ruled by lords of competing fiefdoms. Further east is the Sea of Chastisement.

Further west are less tamed lands of forested hills, called Perelandara.

nearby civilizations

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