House rules

Skill checks: Critical fails on skill checks are disabled. A natural 1 on a skill check will be counted as a role of 1 and not an automatic fail.

Critical successes for skill checks are disabled. A natural 20 is no longer an automatic success, nor does it give a +10 ‘luck’ bonus.

Attack roles: I’ve changed my mind here. Instead of house ruling critical rules, I plan on doing them exactly as detailed in the DMG as far as confirmations, as I will have ample time to resolve each attack. I will also be consulting a critical effect table for each confirmed critical hit. :D Bear in mind that enemies will be able to critically strike as well, so “Sure there are 30 of them, but they need a natural 20 to hit!!” is no longer an appealing argument.

Critical Fumbles: A natural 1 on an attack role will only result in fumbling or dropping a weapon if the character’s BASE attack bonus is +0, or some unfavorable condition (such as a slippery weapon) applies.

House rules

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