Nathifa is a servant of Osiris; the god of life and death of the Pharaonic pantheon. Her duties include funeral services, blessing harvests, and aiding others in preparing their lives so that in the afterlife they may enter the Offering Fields.


Nathifa -Lawful Good Human Cleric 1

  • STR: 10
  • DEX: 12
  • CON: 14
  • INT: 12
  • WIS: 16
  • CHA: 14
  • FORT 4
  • REF 1
  • WILL 5


  • Diplomacy 6 (+2 vs Good)
  • Heal 7
  • Know Religion 5
  • Spellcraft 5
  • Sense Motive 3 (+2 vs Good)

Feats: Nimbus of light (Skin glows with gold light) (+2 Diplomacy and Sense motive vs good creatures)

Stigmata (Bleeds from eyes when she activates this healing abilities)

Special Abilities: Death touch 1/day, +1 caster level to Good spells

Equipment: Leather Armor, Sickle, Backpack, Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Healer’s Kit, Wooden Holy symbol, Traveler’s outfit

89 gold.


Nathifa’s family history is consistent, dating back hundreds of years to show one clear pattern. Generation after generation bore devout servants of Osiris. Lives spent in counseling the troubled, aiding in crop planting, blessing the harvest and preparing the services for the dead. To Nathifa, her life was looking to be the same as those before her, a simple life more concerned with eternity then day to day life. It would have been probable that she would have stuck close to her poor community, stayed within a 100 hundred miles of where she was born and would have been content living simply and without adventure. However all of that has changed..

Another year had come and gone and it was time again to start planting wheat. Nathifa remembers it clearly, the day had been dry and oppressing, sweat beaded down the field worker’s faces. As Nathifa reached into the bag of seed and pulled out a handful, a sharp and refreshing wind came across her open hand and spilled the seed onto the ground, only all the seed landed with their tips pointing north and in the formation of an arrow. The fellow workers saw what had happened and asked Nathifa what she planned to do. Nathifa told them that she was to leave immediately and that she mustn’t even go back to the village to say goodbye to her loved ones because “when Osiris calls one must listen.” She set her way that instant, about an hour into her way she heard calling behind her, as she turned back she saw one of the village lads had ran after her. As he caught up with her he explained that the community has pulled together the little wealth they had and they wished her to take it with her.

That night she dreamed of a filthy structure, inside were humans, and what appeared to be humans, only much smaller. There were other people also, one particularity, is surrounded by other men, wearing a color Nathifa had never seen before the dream, it appeared the man wearing this color was making scrolls, bound together in some strange fashion. But what she remembered most of all where a couple that looked to be half monster. Taking this as a direct message from Osiris, Nathifa made it her mission to find the structure, with the strange beings inside.


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