Female/Cleric (knowledge,luck) Often refered to as "The Luck Child", Never worries and desires knowledge


Alignment: Neutral

  • HP:8
  • Ac:16 = 10+4+2+0+0…
  • Fort:2
  • Ref:0
  • Will:4
  • Str 10 : 0
  • Dex 10 : 0
  • Con 10 : 0
  • Int 16 : 3
  • Wis 14 : 2
  • Cha 14 : 2
  1. Concentration: 4 = 0+4+
  2. Craft Maps: 4 = 3+1+
  3. Diplomacy: 3 = 2+1
  4. Know History: 6 = 3+3
  5. Know Religion: 4 = 3+1
  6. Know The Planes: 4 = 3+1
  7. Know Nature: 4 = 3+1
  8. Know geography: 5 = 3+2
  9. Know architect: 4 = 3+1
  10. Know Local: 4 = 3+1
  11. Profession (Sage): 5 = 2+3
  12. Spellcraft: 4 = 3+1
Feats: Divine Vigor, Extra Turning
Special Abilities: Turnundead, Divine Vigor 9/day
Languages: Common, Sylvan, Celestial, Giant
Weapons: Sling 1d4 x2 blud, Sickle 1d6 x2 slashing can use to trip
Dress: Travelers outfit, Scale mail, Shield heavy steel
Backpack :2 Holy symbols, 2 Case-map, chalk, ink and pen,
4 paper, 30 parchment, Signet ring (4 leaf clover in an open book),
Sealing Wax  40g 6copper, 3 stones.
Domain Spells: lvl 1. Detect Secret Door, Entropic Shield

Prays every morning for the Chance to Learn.


Clover, deemed a child of luck by her foundling parents, was always a bright child in so many ways. She glowed and her desire for knowledge was frequently contagious. She had a knack for organizing her thoughts and keeping track of information. Along her travels she learned to organize her findings in such a way as to keep them accessible and relatively marketable. For her purposes she caries two map cases in her backpack. In one of the map cases is the “first” map Clover ever created. Her map starts at the home of her foundling parents. She was mysteriously sent off to a monastery to learn in a neighboring kingdom. She was worried for what felt like the first time. Her parents could never have afforded to send her off to school and although her desire for knowledge was strong there had to be some luck in it. Still she worried. She worried that she would not be able to find her way back and lest she end up a fairy tale, she thought best to make a map. It was then she began the process that consumes her to this day, inscribed on so many pieces of parchment folded very carefully and labeled correctly for repetitive access and reproduction. This is her personal map which she updates commonly. At a moments notice she can tell you a tale or make you a quick paper map, for a fee of course. We all must make the provisions we can the rest is luck…

Her motto “Knowing is half the battle… only Luck can guide the rest”


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