human 5'10 black hair and eyes wearing studded leather


Hp 11 AC 16 init 3

str 10 dex 16 con 14 wis 14 int 14 cha 10

fort 2 ref 4 will 2

base att +0 grapple +0

short bow att bonus +3 dmg 1d6 crit n20×3

dagger att bonus +3 dmg 1d4 crit 19-20×2

armor studded leather ac bonus +3 max dex +5

languages common gnome orc

climb 2 craft diplomacy 4 disa device 6 escape art 5 gather info 2 hide 7 initimadate move silent 7 listen 6 search 6 slight of hand 5 spot 5 tumble 5 use magic device use rope 2

feats toughness point blank shot rapid shot

inventory back pack bedroll caltrops x3 grappling hook oil pint x 1 pitons x6 belt pouch trail rations x5 rope silk 50 ft torch x3 flint/steel total lbs 28


devron started out an orphen and was raised by slavers of many oragins.

being sold off as a free work force. when he came of age he devloped an addiction of steeling and sneaking up on people. after becoming skilled in his new line of work he killed off his keepers and took too the road looking for adventure and tresures and through word of mouth has lead him to the olk and frow and maby at this little bar he might find his adventure. his ultamate goal is to find the ones that took him as an infant and kill them and steel everyting they own.... and more  he is a firendly and fairly leavle headed man and only takes from people that con others or are rich. he finds confort in trustable firend and for a person of his profession is very loyal to the ones who befirend him.


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