Sicpappio Auglease

CG-male-5'7"-147 llbs-pale skinned w/ silver hair and violet eyes




Base Att:1
Current HP Damage Subdual MAX HP
10 0 0 10
Grapple Total Base Att Str
modifier 2 1 1
AC Armor Shield Dex Size Natural Deflection Misc
16 3 0 3 0 0 0 0 Touch 13 Flatfooted 13
Saves Totals Base Ability Magic Misc
Fort 2 2 0 0 0
Ref 3 0 3 0 0
Will 1 0 1 0 0
Skills total ability ranks misc
Balance 7 3 4 0
Climb 5 1 4 0
Diplomacy 6 2 4 0
Jump 5 1 4 0
Listen 3 1 0 2
Profession 5 1 4 0
Search 5 3 0 2
Spot 3 1 0 2
Use Rope 7 3 4 0
Attacks Att Bonus Damage Critical Range Type Notes
Battleworn Thinblade +3 1d8+1 18-20×2 melee piercing unbalanced
Dagger +4 1d4+1 19-20×2 10ft. piercing none
Special Abilities:Weapon Finesse

Possesions:Studded Leather,Crooked Elven Thinblade, Dagger, backpack-,waterskin,50ft hemp rope,empty bottle of rum(5gp),sailor outfit Gold-3


Sicpappio Auglease was tragically orphaned to a ship his adventurer parents had sailed on, directly before their demise. Sicpappio grew happy and healthy on the ship learning his new trade. The crew took to him, not only because his spidery limbs and keen senses were quite handy around the ship, but also because he posessed a warm charm and an amusing wit.

During his time on the ship Sicpappio saw the retirement of the original captain and the induction of his replacement. The new captain was an imposing vision at nearly 7ft tall, and always carrying a saber and pistol on his belt. Most times he was quite standoffish and downright cold, taking council only from Roiddish, his first mate. When there was battle to be waged, he led every charge like it was his last, gaining the grudging respect of every man on board. One day While Roddish ,Sicpappio’s self appointed adopted father,(and the only seafaring dwarf Sicpappio or any of the crew had ever met) was teaching sicpappio some of the finer points of cutlass work, the new captain ,Captain Alderman, approached and instructed Roddish to teach Sicpappio to use “a gentlemans weapon”. The next day upon witnessing Roddishes attempt at instructing sicpappio in the finer points of fencing, the captian took it upon himself to teach the boy elf, reasoning that everyman on his crew must be up to maximum fighting capability.

As the years passed Sicpappio’s fighting capability grew as did his lessons. After spending some time with sicpappio, Alderman decided he possessed the intelligence and athleticism needed to become his protegee. After that day Alderman worked Sicpappio like a dog. On top of his battle training, Alderman began teaching him everything he could think to teach him, including a few languages.

One day,however, Sicpappio questioned it all. When Alderman came to retrieve him for his lessons, he came bearing a rather fancy and ornate but old and battleworn gentalmans blade. Sicpappio simply looked from the blade to it’s holder and asked “why?”. Alderman knew at once what he meant and even looked as if he had been expecting the question. And he answered this “I have achieved much in my life, Sicpappio, I have experienced much, and long have I asked that same question, why. Why HAVE I amounted to what I have amounted to? I now can answer my own question. You. You are the reason. To pass on to you all that I can, so that you may go forth, see many splendid things yourself, and bless this world with your presence. I like to think that in a way we have become rather close over the years and I have come to judge your moral character as sound. Though your smart tongue may not be so well received off the ship, if you just remember what I have taught you about being a gentleman and you will be fine. Yes, I said off the ship. You see, I cannot answer your question, and I found that though you were the answer, only I could have found that answer. You must answer your own question, Sicpappio. Why have you learned all of this? What will you do with what I have taught you to make yourself feel validated for all of your efforts? That is something only you can find the answer to, and you will not find it in the confines of this ship. Come dawn Roddish and Tug will take a lifeboat to shore bearing you, this sword, and meager provisions. This blade has seen better days, but if you take it to a skilled craftsman, he will fashion you a weapon of your kin and one of the finest blades ever made. Travel west from the shore and you will reach human settlements. The rest is up to you.” And with that the captain gave the elf the sword, turned and retired to his cabin.

The next day the captain was true to his word. It was a teary eyed Roddish that saw Sicpappio off. After receiving a hug from Tug and a 5gp bottle of rum from Roddish, Sicpappio watched the pair row back towards the ship, feeling rather lonely and nervous about his new life, but excited and eager all the while.

Sicpappio reached the human settlements with no problem, but once he got there he found that no one there possessed the skill to craft him a blade like the one he now carried. After making a few friends in a tavern with a bit of his brandy and a lot of his charm, he found that there was a tavern run by dwarves and set on top of a mine, farther to the west. Sicpappio set out the next day and though he wasn’t used to traveling by land the drunkards instructions were sound and he managed to find his way to the Olk and Frow.

Upon entering the establishment, Sicpappio…

Sicpappio Auglease

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