• Clover


    Female/Cleric (knowledge,luck) Often refered to as "The Luck Child", Never worries and desires knowledge
  • devron


    human 5'10 black hair and eyes wearing studded leather
  • Kristopher R. Onk

    Kristopher R. Onk

    A tall barrel chested man with a squared jaw and ruddy dark brown hair.
  • Nathifa


    Nathifa is a servant of Osiris; the god of life and death of the Pharaonic pantheon. Her duties include funeral services, blessing harvests, and aiding others in preparing their lives so that in the afterlife they may enter the Offering Fields.
  • Sicpappio Auglease

    Sicpappio Auglease

    CG-male-5'7"-147 llbs-pale skinned w/ silver hair and violet eyes